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New blog (again)!


So.. just a few weeks ago my registered domain arfianadam.com had been suspended because of...you know, things (I was just lazy to renew it). And it has been like that until just a few days ago. The renewal process was a bit slow because of the customer service at Niagahoster (where I register the domain). Short story, I paid the bill and it was up and running. The thing is, I only renew the domain. So the site was still inaccessible. I was using the hosting service as well but as a good developer, using shared hosting just hurts the reputation (just kidding). Luckily I just happen to have a vps laying around (actually I used it as a vpn server) and just bootstrapped a blogging web app.

It is Ghost. A blog platform running on Nodejs and other magic things that are booming recently.

P.s: don't ever run a nodejs web app unless you have a minimum 1GB ram on your server.