So here’s the fresh start (again)

I’ve been on and off writing a blog in the last few years. It was a WordPress site, then I decided to switch to Ghost, and now I went back to WordPress. Why? That question needs to be more specific. Are you asking why am I on and off? Are you asking why I choose WordPress again?

Writing is not easy

I mean writing a good one. Sometimes you just have these ideas that you want to throw into the paper, but being perfectionist as I am, that has never been easy. My mind wanders to many directions but most of times it just doesn’t go too far. On the other hand, writing a meaningful one requires you to have a little bit deeper thought instead of just having a glance. If I force myself to just write and post every thing I think of, that would just end up being some one or two short paragraphs posts. That doesn’t satisfy me. I need a longer and more meaningful one!

Hey, it’s that note book that I bought and never open again

If there’s a lesson that I got from people like me, is to keep a note. I may have lots of things that I want to write about, but if in the end I didn’t write a thing, that would be a waste. Do you ever feel like something just popped out of your mind and then you’re like “I must write this!!1!1” ? I learned that I must write it down. I shouldn’t worry about the fanciness, the grand title or the structure, I should just write anything that comes out in my note book or any note applications that I have. That way anytime I finally feel like writing, I can just open that up and just slide from there.

But of course it’s not as easy as sliding, well, you know. I also have a lot of obstacles when I decide to spend more time dedicated to writing something. I gotta be happy, though. As stressful as it is to try to write something that is truly delightful, I have to remember that I must enjoy it, indulge myself into it, pour my heart into it. Be me. People will understand me from my writings, so I shouldn’t let them understand the wrong person.

By the way, I always dream about an application that can just capture what you think and store it somewhere else for you to pick it up later. Dear rock star developers, can you make it? I would pay top cash for the subscription, you know. Does that sound too many decades too soon?

It’s just a blog

Now, why WordPress? WordPress is really easy to set up. The mature community behind it also somewhat ensures that I will always get the best security patches and feature updates. There’s a lot of interesting things that more modern CMS can offer, but right now what I need is something that I can just run and something that let me focus more on writing.

It also enables integration to so that many (not so tech savvy) people that are already familiar to WordPress have the best experience through their own native applications. The easiness and flexibility of engagement that WordPress provides can bring us closer and I think that’s the one that matter for me.

Now, the hardest part. Keeping on writing. I don’t even know if I will ever write again honestly. But if I do, I’ll make sure that you know. See you!